Aermec ia a leading global air-conditioning brand offering products, services, and green solutions, which provide well-being and comfort in all life settings. The emphasis in Aermec is to not merely supply products, rather to offer complete and integrated system solutions. Aermec targets a multitude of diverse markets, such as residential ambients, retail outlets, hotels, data centres, sport and leisure facilities, public buildings and healthcare, as well as numerous specific industrial applications. 
Within this broad scenario Aermec continues to focus its activities on constant attention to research and quality in order to develop technical solutions which ensure maximum satisfaction amongst its users. Aermec’s competitive edge stems from answering the technological challenges posed by innovation, investing in processes and logistics and understanding the needs of individual customers.
Aermec offers a broad range of over 300 products, such as liquid chillers, heat pumps, fan coils, air handling units, split units, VRF systems, heat recovery equipment, rooftop units and more beyond. 
6 Sales Companies and over 70 International Distributers offer dedicated consultancy on every continent, in Italy Aermec operates via 59 sales agencies and 78 customer service centres.

Aermec counts more than 700 employees, with over 130.000 m2 of total factory space. These figures rank Aermec among the world leaders in air conditioning technology.


FCZ P - ducted, Fancoil (Medium Air Pressure)

FCZ A - floor type, Fancoil

VED - ducted type, Fancoil

NRB Chiller

ANL Chiller

NSM Chiller

ANK Chiller

NRB Chiller

NRG Chiller