ATP is a leading Italian industry, which has been working in the field of plastics transformation for over fifty years, applying the best technologies and production techniques, in accordance to the most relevant International Standards and in compliance with environmental regulations. ATP is an international company which distributes in more than 35 Countries around the world, is a reliable partner thanks to the best quality of the offered products and services.
TORO is the the liquid and gas supply system conceived by A.T.P., which resembles resistance, strength, and elegance. TORO pipes are characterized by a high molecular weight that guarantees the system life for over 50 years. It Is combined with additives which allow to produce faultless pipes and pipe fittings, ideal for conveying liquids under pressure at both high and low temperatures. 
TORO 25 system can be used for: hot/cold water, drinking water, discharge/chemicals liquid, compressed air, etc. The application fields for TORO pipes are used in civil buildings such as apartments, condos, hospitals and schools, commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, department stores and offices, industrial buildings such as technical installations and packaging, as well as shipbuildings. 
TORO 25 system is suitable for new buildings, renewals, replacement or links to pre-existing systems.