COSMOGAS is internationally recognized as a reference in the world of heating, domestic hot water and 
renewable energy.
For over 50 years, all COSMOGAS products are built and designed entirely in the COSMOGAS factories; they collect and contain the fruits of decades of experience in the field of heating and the use of renewable energy.

It was founded in 1966 by the entrepreneurial spirit of Arturo Alessandrini, who with a clear vision of the future opened a workshop for the production of innovative and revolutionary boilers, which in a short time conquered a prominent position in the European market of gas boilers for residential use.

Over the next 50 years he has been investing in research and development, offering unique innovative products of high Italian quality and constantly improving performance and efficiency, always keeping in mind the respect for the environment and minimizing energy consumption.

Today COSMOGAS offers a wide range of condensing boilers, among the most efficient on the market and multiple solutions based on renewable energy, such as hybrid systems, solar thermal and heat pumps and boasts the widest range of gas condensing water heaters and water storage tanks on the market.

COSMOGAS is still driven today, after more than 50 years, by the Alessandrini family, who now, as then, designs, patents and builts the entire product range internally, with the utmost attention to the choice of materials and components, with the strong beliefs that “quality makes the difference!”