For over 45 years, DAB has been a main player in the sector of the technologies for the movement and management of water. DAB offers technological solutions capable of ensuring reliability and efficiency, as well as optimizes energy consumption in domestic and residential, civil, agricultural and irrigation applications. DAB’s biggest strength is that they offer simple and efficient solutions to the customers. 
DAB offers solutions in residential building services, commercial building services, and agriculture and irrigation. 

In the residential building area DAB offers products for the following sectors: heating and air conditioning, water supply and pressurization, irrigation and gardening, use of rain water, draining, collection and disposal of waste water, circulation and filtration of swimming pool water.

In the commercial building area DAB develops technologically advanced solutions for the following sectors: from heating and air conditioning circulation systems, to water supply and fire-fighting system pressurization, to the disposal of waste water.

In the agriculture and irrigation area DAB offers pumping solutions for the extraction of water from the subsoil. High quality submersible pumps and motors, reliable and capable of guaranteeing high energy efficiency. A wide range to meet the needs of any types of systems, up to industrial and aqueduct applications.



VERTY NOVA, Drainage Pump

Evoplus SMALL, electronic circulation pump

Evoplus, electronic circulation pump

Evosta 3, electronic circulation pump

A, B, D, circulation pump

BPH, BMH / DPH, DMH Circulation pump

CP, CP-G / DCP, DCP-G Pump

CME / DCME electronic circulation pump

ALM, ALP In - line circulation pump



FEKA VS, Sewage pump

Drainage Pump